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  2. Arian coming back to post his stuff would be helpful yes.
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  4. Is Arian ever coming back or is he too scared now that he's been outed as a liar?
  5. Hey there everyone! I'm a former veteran user of Kametsu, now moving to our new home right here on MR & our Snahp. Special thanks to @megajew & @misseps for finding the newest alternatives... We're keep tracking the latest episodes weekly per programme as necessary. So, nice to meet ya, again... for a bit.
  6. This site started off promising, but after the glitch that erased everything it scared the prolific uploaders away. Those of us still here could take up some of the slack. I've been thinking of posting some of the stuff i've had on my account for ages and many of the gems i've found on other sites. If we had 10 members post 1 series a week we might be able to convince an encoder or two to stick around.
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  8. Yes we know nanda is more popular, but I'm happy with the current status. Does it need to change? Some sites are a victim of their popularity, but obv this isn't there yet. But if you want to increase activity, go ahead.
  9. I have something in mind, though it might turn out to be interesting. I always wanted to document how much of the japanese music 4Kids and TPCI have kept in their respective dubs, how much did they trim out (4Kids was way notorious with this practice), and how many were just downright removed. I mean, there is a google doc circulating on the internet, and someone documented it years ago on Bulbagarden forums, but it's too vague IMO. It doesn't explain much. With this potential database, we could be the new Bulbagarden, just focusing on the soundtrack aspects of it. They don't document this properly, then again it's no their forte. opinions welcome.
  10. I could start posting my new uploads/mini encodes here. If i end up uploading them to mega that is.
  11. I hear what you’re saying. I wish I could think of something, but for me RPG and giveaways wouldn’t keep me around. I’m just not into that stuff anymore. I feel like forums and blogs are a bit of a dying art - but it could be that I’m lazy.
  12. I have only seen (or heard in this case) the japanese counterpart of "Just Waiting on a Friend". A combination of a happy-go-lucky Kanto soundtrack (Team Rocket eating cookies), scary ("We want Brock, now!" using the japanese Mewtwo movie score, and two of Lokoko's flashbacks featuring an underrated mastepiece (OK! Piano ballad). OMG I cannot believe the dub failed to emote those scenes with such intensity. I can definitely agree with Dogasu in this case, the soundtracks were fitting for this episode. So far, the japanese counterparts I've heard so far are "Espeon Not Included", "The Psychic Sidekicks" and "A Togepi Mirage".
  13. Yeah, I also requested that but I guess there won't be any due to lack of activity? I agree that discussion is also important to attract attention here, but what should the main focus be? We can't go for general pokemon forums like Bulbagarden, Serebii, PokeCommunity, etc. Well, for the last one, they do showcase fanmade content so that's one thing. What I'm saying is, we have to attract something here that's not downloads. We need to focus on something no one has ever done before or something you guys haven't seen yet.
  14. Providing the lighter theme would be a start. I don't visit near as much when I'm on my PC because the black hurts my eyes a little. It's too dark for me. A bot for the Discord to post when Download threads pop up might be nice and a way to drag people over. Linking to the forum itself if you're on other websites such as Snahp in your signature. Let's be real here. It's much easier to pull up Discord on your phone than a website and chat about anime there. People are here for download content not discussion.
  15. Let's start brainstorming. This forum is dead, and the forum platform is so great that it would be a damn shame to see this small community close due to its failure to lure people in. This is something I did back in the day with a couple of friends. What do you guys think? Any better ideas than my own? Please share your thoughts!
  16. Well, I guess AG wasn't so bad after all. Don't get me wrong, the 4Kids dub wasn't perfect. Neither was 2/3 of Johto, but that was also Kids WB's fault for managing the dub when they had no business in doing so, that was 4Kids' job. I guess they didn't like the idea of the music video segments being placed after the episode, so they did away with those. As for the saga, well Advanced started out decent despite me not being able to watch it again after fall 2004, and the rescoring wasn't as awful compared to mid-Johto, but the dated dub music had no soul let alone any variety. They worked really well in the early episodes because the dub music was composed for those episodes only, and they blended very well with the original soundtracks. They were not appropriate after OS, and it was worse in the first season of DP. Voice acting wise, I personally feel that Veronica Taylor despised voicing May. I mean, there was a lot of tension with her portrayal of the character and it just rubbed me the wrong way. She was just downright mean to Ash, Brock, Max and Drew, and while I can forgive her being an ass to Harley (he deserved it btw), Michelle Knotz did a better job voicing May IMO. Compare the scenes where 4Kids!May was a hothead and TPCI!May wasn't, yet the latter went against the animation (LOL). The differences are huge, and I don't think May was meant to be like Misty attitude-wise, the loud tone was unfitting for her character. It wouldn't surprise me if KWB was also responsible fo the voice direction, they changed in Johto League Champions. Admittedly, I do have a soft spot for AG as strange as it sounds because I had nothing else to watch at the time. Everything was limited and the older DVD releases were garbage until Viz rectified the issue this decade. DP, on the other hand, I bear no nostalgic attachment seeing that I skipped some episodes and stopped in "Lost Leader Strategy" in 2008. I'd rather watch AG over DP any day, and my DP rant is for another time.
  17. TOS & OL rewatch 2008ish, various eps up to S5 when it aired on TV after school on weekdays. COuldn't figure out when AG was on TV so didn't watch that comprehensively
  18. Is it possible to add max-height: 300px; or something similar into the .ipscode css block so that MediaInfo information doesn't stretch the page and can instead be scrolled through?
  19. Indigo League: Best - Ditto's Mysterious Mansion: Team twerp anyone? Duplica was awesome here, a lot better than that Johto episode. Who doesn't adore Ditto? Worst - Who gets to keep Togepi?: I could be very biased and pick any of the episodes where Misty expressed her aversion towards Ash, but this episode wins. I hate it when people say that Misty mellowed down after winning the pipsqueak when in fact she didn't change at all until The Johto Journeys. Plus, she didn't deserve Togepi when she played no part in raising it prior to hatching. Orange Islands: Best - Pikachu Re-volts: Team Rocket siding with the twerps was very honest here. And the Japanese soundtracks of Mewtwo Strikes Back (and not the awfully dated American counterpart!) made this episode epic. Worst - Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?: Misty's nastiness was so unbearable here. Shell Shock! and Pokémon Food Fight! are second. Johto Journeys: Best - The Psychic Sidekicks!: Childhood favorite. And Team Rocket's mechanical ghost was a reflection of their pure genius! Worst - Love Totodile Style!: That awful Azumarill is a self centered douchebag. Admittedly, the DP remake was better than this junk. The Fortune Hunters is another episode I can't stand because of Misty's nasty attitude, and Illusion Confusion is a sexist episode due to Hoothoot having a problem with Ash.
  20. Working on getting Beyblade and Beyblade Evolution uploaded to GDrive so I can post it. It's not my rip, but since some of you like Pokemon you may enjoy it too. <_< Or I may enjoy it...



  21. Yeah they were, but the old ones were causing issues.
  22. Hmm... I swear that the PMs were there after the migration... strange.
  23. I'll see what I can do. Also, all private messages have unfortunately been deleted due to database migration issues. EDIT: DONE!
  24. Now that we're talking about avatars... can they be squared instead of rounded? Pwetty please??
  25. I thought my account was hacked and someone changed my profile picture... haha... it was just later when i knew it was the default profile picture...
  26. ^I'm much more handsome in person. In any case, this upgraded forum platform is probably the best one!
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