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  3. Before I left my old job a few months ago, I binge-watched all of OS, AG and XY, intentionally skipping DP and BW in the process. It took me awhile to get through SM once I landed a new gig but I managed to catch up. Also I finally watched all the Pikachu's Winter Vacation specials, Pichu Bros in Party Panic, Mega Evolution Pokedex Shorts and Generations.
  4. Make sure that your potential employment becomes not only worth your time (financially) but also makes you happy, depending on what your really pursuing. I speak from experience. Other than that, I agree that this small community is better off as is since there's not much to monitor... yet. Can't wait to see what projects you plan to unveil in the future.
  5. That's a difference between language versions. Pocket Monsters and Pokemon are the same show in general.
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  7. Yeah, I agree. This theme looks way nicer than the pitch black theme we had earlier.
  8. I guess I'm not the ideal web designer. XP New themes coming soon though.
  9. Glad to see you're doing okay, even if okay isn't the best at the moment. Still better than the alternative I suppose. Best of luck getting a paying job. I understand how stressful that can be. And thank you to whomever changed the background color from black as hell to a gray. My eyes are happy.
  10. Hello, perhaps Hello again for anyone from Kametsu and (sigh) Nanda.to. Don't expect anything from me to upload because of my job taking about 3/4 of my time while awake. I might as well pass for a ghost. I like retro PC Games and console games through Emulators, Cartoons new and old, and in some rare cases might watch Anime again.
  11. Hi. Everyone. I'm former user of Kamestsu and Snahp. I moved here because the site Nandato is down and can't contact the @misseps and @DJStarfish about the download links. Also, i'm now uploader of whole season of majority Brazilian and French shows via archive.org. To finnish this, follow me on Twitter to Nandato's members if the site is not restored normal.
  12. Love you, buddy~! ^^

    1. SerenaKetchum


      Love you too man. 👌

  13. Well, here we are. I'm actually surprised that the forum is still at all active despite my lack of attention towards it through most of this summer. I have to be honest with you guys, I needed a little break. Gathering content constantly, much less running a whole site is hectic and constantly needs my attention. After doing it nonstop for 5 years, something had to give. Bad timing too, since I just started this site, and as BlitzEpidemic pointed out, the original wipe shooed some VIPs away. I'm hoping to regain their trust, but if not, c'est la vie as the saying goes. It really is a full-time job, and speaking of which, I'm putting most of my effort into getting a paying job, which has been unbelievably difficult for me. On top of that, I have some very interesting projects lined up, which I will reveal when I am able to. I'd also like to thank my fellow administrators, @shirt.js for his technical efforts with the site and @Pizza Cat for her consistent posting on the site and trying her best to keep the site as active as possible without me. I am grateful to both of you very much. And also, I'd like to congratulate Pizza Cat for working her way up to an admin position. You go, girl~! ^_^ I will try to be more active real soon and my Yu-Gi-Oh! dub release is just around the corner. Not complete, but around the corner. XP If you have any questions or comments, just leave a reply to this thread or PM me. Thank you guys so much for sticking it out with me. -Arian
  14. There is. Such as cut scenes, dialogue modifications and most importantly, soundtrack replacements.
  15. Would it be possible to get an option to toggle the handy rich formatting box we have now to BBCode? I've struggled when I've messed up with Spoiler and Code boxes to edit the post and haven't seen a way to do it yet.
  16. Is there a difference between Pokemon and Pocket Monsters? But seriously, though, I've seen just about everything that got a dub. I'm only missing a bit of BW and Johto.
  17. I actively watch the Japanese version of Sun and Moon.
  18. Hey there everyone! I'm a former veteran user of Kametsu, now moving to our new home right here on MR & our Snahp. Special thanks to @megajew & @misseps for finding the newest alternatives... We're keep tracking the latest episodes weekly per programme as necessary. So, nice to meet ya, again... for a bit.
  19. This site started off promising, but after the glitch that erased everything it scared the prolific uploaders away. Those of us still here could take up some of the slack. I've been thinking of posting some of the stuff i've had on my account for ages and many of the gems i've found on other sites. If we had 10 members post 1 series a week we might be able to convince an encoder or two to stick around.
  20. Yes we know nanda is more popular, but I'm happy with the current status. Does it need to change? Some sites are a victim of their popularity, but obv this isn't there yet. But if you want to increase activity, go ahead.
  21. I have something in mind, though it might turn out to be interesting. I always wanted to document how much of the japanese music 4Kids and TPCI have kept in their respective dubs, how much did they trim out (4Kids was way notorious with this practice), and how many were just downright removed. I mean, there is a google doc circulating on the internet, and someone documented it years ago on Bulbagarden forums, but it's too vague IMO. It doesn't explain much. With this potential database, we could be the new Bulbagarden, just focusing on the soundtrack aspects of it. They don't document this properly, then again it's no their forte. opinions welcome.
  22. I could start posting my new uploads/mini encodes here. If i end up uploading them to mega that is.
  23. I hear what you’re saying. I wish I could think of something, but for me RPG and giveaways wouldn’t keep me around. I’m just not into that stuff anymore. I feel like forums and blogs are a bit of a dying art - but it could be that I’m lazy.
  24. I have only seen (or heard in this case) the japanese counterpart of "Just Waiting on a Friend". A combination of a happy-go-lucky Kanto soundtrack (Team Rocket eating cookies), scary ("We want Brock, now!" using the japanese Mewtwo movie score, and two of Lokoko's flashbacks featuring an underrated mastepiece (OK! Piano ballad). OMG I cannot believe the dub failed to emote those scenes with such intensity. I can definitely agree with Dogasu in this case, the soundtracks were fitting for this episode. So far, the japanese counterparts I've heard so far are "Espeon Not Included", "The Psychic Sidekicks" and "A Togepi Mirage".
  25. Yeah, I also requested that but I guess there won't be any due to lack of activity? I agree that discussion is also important to attract attention here, but what should the main focus be? We can't go for general pokemon forums like Bulbagarden, Serebii, PokeCommunity, etc. Well, for the last one, they do showcase fanmade content so that's one thing. What I'm saying is, we have to attract something here that's not downloads. We need to focus on something no one has ever done before or something you guys haven't seen yet.
  26. Providing the lighter theme would be a start. I don't visit near as much when I'm on my PC because the black hurts my eyes a little. It's too dark for me. A bot for the Discord to post when Download threads pop up might be nice and a way to drag people over. Linking to the forum itself if you're on other websites such as Snahp in your signature. Let's be real here. It's much easier to pull up Discord on your phone than a website and chat about anime there. People are here for download content not discussion.
  27. Let's start brainstorming. This forum is dead, and the forum platform is so great that it would be a damn shame to see this small community close due to its failure to lure people in. This is something I did back in the day with a couple of friends. What do you guys think? Any better ideas than my own? Please share your thoughts!
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