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Download and Request Rules

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Here are the download and requesting rules that all members must follow.

Download Section Rules:

1. Titles must have the following:


Title of show (English version)

Seasons/Episodes (eg. S01, S01E01-09, Complete Series)

Quality (eg. 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p)


Codec (eg. x264, x265, XVID) Only needed if the video has been re-encoded.

File Host (eg. Mega, Zippyshare, Mediafire)


Title of game (English version)

Platform (eg. PC, PS4, XB360)

Game version

File host

Any titles that are not informative enough, will be modified by admins.

2. No Nintendo Games.

We don\'t want any Nintendo Ninjas after us.

This includes NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, Wii U and Switch.

3. No live-action stuff.

We don't allow live-stuff at the moment.

We may allow live-action stuff in the future, but it is highly unlikely.

4. No hentai/pornographic content.

Enough said.

5. No software/programs.

We only allow games at the moment.

So no software (eg. MS Office, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc)

6. No stealing links.

Do you want people to upload great content on here?


This makes them go down quicker.

Request Rules:

1. Search the site.

Make sure you search the site using the search bar for the content you want, before you post a request.

You never know. Someone could've already uploaded it.

2. Content that is not allowed.

Don't request stuff that is not allowed on this site.

3. Relevant Requests.

Make sure you are requesting something that\'s relevant to the site.

Don't be requesting for someone to make you a grilled cheese sandwich... Go make that yourself.

4. Don't bother users.

Don't continuously bother a user to upload something you want.

It is their choice what to upload. Not yours.

5. Requesting re uploads is allowed.

AS LONG as you post the link to the original thread.

But perhaps you should go on the original thread and ask for a re upload (but don\'t do it repeatedly on the post!).

If you follow all these rules, then you will be fine on this site


The Millennium Ring Team

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These rules are to be reviewed for revision, but these are the rules until further notice.

It won't be long though.

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