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Rank the Pokémon series from best to worst

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I guess you guys can rank entire series as a whole or be specific, which I'm going to list below:


Before I even saw XY last year, the Johto portion of OS was my absolute favorite, especially The Johto Journeys. For a silly reason, I was slightly annoyed that Serena was named as such in the dub because I was only fond of the Serena from Sailor Moon (lol, it sounds stupid, I know). Yet at the same time, I was highly intrigued with the one sided "romance" from Serena's end, something that was "the thing" in the series at least. Long story short, I actually loved the scene transitions, the dub music, well even Serena herself! She was so different from past female companions that she actually loved/praised/supported Ash for who he really is. She wasn't an obnoxious brat like Kanto!Misty, Dawn and Iris. I was happy that she was a breath of fresh air. The animation itself, and the VS screen, it felt like I was watching a Pokémon version of DiC's Sailor Moon. XY is still my favorite series to this day.

Johto portion of OS:

When I saw the Johto Journeys for the first time in the summer of 2004 on Cartoon Network, what amazed me was how new it felt to me. I still feel the chills whenever I binge watch it from the beginning (I did it once in January 2017 and last year). Misty was far from perfect in this saga, but at least she was highly supportive towards Ash after abandoning that stupid gag of berating him for bullshyt reasons. Jigglypuff was a real nuisance in Kanto/OI but in Johto, I think it appeared... 5 times? In the Johto Journeys, I loved the original soundtracks and for its time, it blended very well with 4Kids' dated music and some of the original Kanto soundtracks. When it came to JLC and MQ, I absolutely hated the re-scoring. As a kid, I was only exposed to Master Quest (it was the only season broadcast on Kids WB back in the day, go figure...) so I guess my nostalgia prevents me from outright hating this dub?

TPCI dub of AG (Battle Frontier):

I have mixed feelings for this season. It was a big mistake to recycle 4Kids's dated music in this season and D&P. Despite all that, their in-house music was very impressive! It was obviously carried over to the DP saga, and I do kinda wish it got an official CD release one day. The biggest drawback was Natochenny's performance as Ash. It was weak, it sounded too much like Ritchie. Thankfully, that was addressed after the first 22 (or something) episodes of DP, and I'm glad she maintained consistency with voicing his character to this day. Too bad these episodes can't be redubbed just for consistency.

4Kids dub of AG:

Again with the mixed feelings! The dumb re-scoring, pointless edits and mediocre voice direction were the low points for this dub, something that *somewhat* existed in Johto League Champions. And even May's snide remarks toward Ash felt out of character to me. But you know what? I have something positive to say about this series! No Jigglypuff (one off appearance isn't the end of the world), then-animation looked gorgeous (a major step up with the technology), and if my memory serves right, no dumb running gags I can really think of (maybe). I will admit that I had very high expectations when I saw it in 2003; the early episodes were actually good, Ash and Team Rocket's reset were justified, contests were new, there weren't too many remake episodes, etc. Despite its faults, I am proud to defend it for the first time and I hope to binge watch the 4Kids dub after avoiding it like a plague for 12 years. Which leads me to... (skip to DP)


I honestly don't know what to comment about this series. It's.. too different. It's not really adventurous, and Ash's team isn't too impressive. There are too many characters at the same time and I think Kiawe and Lillie got the most development. The others... not so much. And Jigglypuff made a not-so triumphant return, which felt unnecessary because that gag isn't funny anymore. More Kanto pandering nonsense. The dub score is so limited and too repetitive, so that felt very damaging after the majority of the beautiful dub XY music was retired. The only best highlight I can really think of is... no remake episodes? Even so, more faults than positives. M21 was actually good though, unlike the insulting M20.

Kanto/OI portion of OS:

I honestly didn't know why I hated these episodes when I was a kid. Misty irritated me so much and after binge watching those 116 episodes, I understood why. I'll take Johto!Misty any day, not this abrasive nutcase. Sadly, it had the best episodes, like "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion", "Pikachu Revolts", the orange league, "Battle aboard the St. Anne", the 3-parter Saffron arc, "Holy Matrimony!", "Princess VS Princess", "The ancient puzzle of Pokemopolis", "Stage Fight!", "A shipful of shivers", "Bound for trouble", and "Charizard Chills". Team Rocket's original motto and theme will always be the best one, so I guess that's good? Less impressive was Jigglypuff, never was a fan of that singing nonsense.


I despise this saga. It's extremely overrated (even more worse than "Unbeatable!" and the Lucario film) and far from perfect. More flaws that I can really think of. Dawn has an irritating voice and is more obnoxious towards Ash (like Misty was), the Team Rocket motto and theme were 10x worse than the Hoenn theme, the animation did not blend very well with the awful shiny CGI effects (they were way ahead of time with the technology and it certainly looked better in XY), Happiny had an unrealistic "superman" strength, a lot of past episodes were remade (namely Johto fillers), Zoey was an absolute mess of a Mary Sue, and can I please mention Counter Shield? How was that accepted if Thunder Armor was panned by the fanbase? Hypocritical much? Paul was clearly the best rival for Ash and even the villains were fantastic, but this series failed to please me due to the many faults. The worst offender to me was Dawn's annoyingly shoehorned "no need to worry!" I would rather watch AG instead of sitting through this mess,


Where do I start...? Reset Ash, Iris' childish "you're a kid!" remarks towards Ash and others, Ash's awful team, Cylan's boring theme, Team Plasma being relegated to a generic villain of the day, and I need to mention Dawn's disrespectful return. How did she side with Iris so quickly and turn against Ash by calling him a kid is seriously beyond me. Where is that special bond she developed with him?? It felt like an absolute slap in the face. There were rivals that had potential, but were handled poorly, such as Burgundy and Georgia. Stefon was the only decent one, and the only episodes I liked were the beginning, Roxie's gym battle and the end. Like DP, I'll never watch this series again.

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